Wifi Harvesting

Crowd monitoring via Wifi Harvesting

This is the perfect system to enable you to see the length of stay of your people/crowd and also the time and routes they individually take to get from A to B.

We collect the data in real-time via wifi (linked to people’s mobile telephones) which is then transferred to your personal password-protected online dashboard. From here you can see all you have ever wanted to know about your crowds and how they are behaving. We even have systems in place should the mobile networks get congested, so you are never without your data, as it can also be transmitted via the satelites. This is all built into a pelicase.

Our data tells you:

The length of stay and movement of visitors on site
The frequency of visitors returning
Specific journey times of people entering or leaving the site

Where can it be used?

  • Festivals, shows, events, exhibitions
  • Outdoor sites, ice rinks, theme parks, parks
  • Town centres, car parks, hospitals, libraries
  • Art galleries, museums, theatres, opera houses
  • Train stations, bus stations, airports

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