When it comes to events, crowd control and data management, it is important to have a reliable company at your beck and call. Adaptive Data offers a range of solutions for measuring foot-fall, crowd density, queue length, and windspeed.

Knowledge is everything and with our online dashboards it is simple for any event organiser or town planner to see exactly what is happening and when it is happening in real-time.

We have experience in everything from monitoring crowds at some of the UK’s largest festivals to assisting local authorities with monitoring pedestrian movement patterns in town centres.

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Wind Monitoring

Wind monitoring is essential for event safety and compliance with health and safety regulations.

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Wifi Harvesting

This technology has been around for a long time. It can be used in real-time to give journey times of pedestrians, traffic or to work out crowds movements as they walk around a festival site.

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People Counting

Whether it be crowd monitoring on the largest festival or counting people past a residential street, we have the solution that will give the data you require.

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